Don't Resist is my entry for the Resist Jam game jam and is a game where you roll the Great Ball of Facts over a couple scenes of inhuman behavior that are spreading through the "Western World".

The game was planned to be a small Katamari-like played through 3 or 4 scenes depicting some of the oppressive events of the recent past, mostly focused on the USA as they are the most mediatic ones.

As I usually do, I underestimated the work needed and overestimated my abilities to accomplish this project so the result is pretty much a mess :D

Regardless of the percentage done I achieved my minimum goal of learning something new, and I'm quite proud of the controls and grabbing mechanic achieved.

So, hope you have fun rolling around grabbing stuff and keep on helping others learn and spread knowledge.


Arrow keys to roll around

Space bar to jump

PS: Fun stuff happens when you grow too fast.. oh well :)

Made withUnity


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The rolling-up-things part worked pretty well. I like the way the items get pulled into the middle of the ball and you can still see them there later.

I definitely understand problems of scale during a jam. Still, you built out a pretty good-sized level. I really wanted to be able to roll up the plane. =)

The ball went nuts when I rolled up the signs at the airport. I assume that was intentional as a sort of end-game, but it was also pretty glitchy, flying around the level and getting stuck in the terrain.

Thanks :)

Yea, that bug at the end comes for the scaling of the mass of the items. I used the rigid body's mass and tried to scale it progressively with what you were picking up but for some reason physics turn weird at a certain point hehe.

Thanks for playing and the feedback!